Load data

See the data formats documentation for accepted data formats.

Decays and IRFs can be loaded in DecayFit in a number of ways:

1. Through the File menu -> Load decay and Load IRF.

2. The shortcuts Ctrl+L (decays) and Ctrl+I (IRFs).

3. By pressing the '...' buttons below the data listboxes.

In this example decays and IRF data is loaded simultaneously using Ctrl+L.

1. Press Ctrl+L to open the decay import dialog box.

2. Locate the files. Select multiple data sets by holding down the Shift or Alt key. Press Open.

3. DecayFit will try to automatically import and detect the loading settings of the data files (i.e. column separator, number of headerlines, etc.). If successful, the data is loaded directly into the Decays and IRF data listboxes. If not successful, an import dialog box will be opened allowing the user to specify the data format settings:

In particular, make sure that the 'Number of text header lines' is specified correctly. Press Next.

In the final import dialog window a variable named 'data' must be defined in order for DecayFit to read the opened data file. Press Finish.

4. The loaded data sets is displayed in the Decays and IRFs data listboxes.

Note how all selected decays and IRFs in the listboxes are automatically plotted in the graph window.