Presenting iSMS: single-molecule FRET microscopy software

Post date: Jun 30, 2015 11:44:40 PM

If you are interested in single-molecule FRET you may find our new freeware iSMS useful. iSMS is published in the 2015 july issue of Nature Methods.

iSMS provides a comprehensive, user-interfaced platform for analysing raw and processed video data from single-molecule FRET TIRF microscopy using immobilized molecules. The website includes demo data and the software is particularly useful for newly started groups and beginners to intermediate smFRET users.

iSMS main window


While smFRET has been around for more than 15 years analysing smFRET data is still a cumbersome and tedious task requiring user-intervention at several critical steps. In particular, the choices made by the investigator, knowingly or unknowingly, during the smFRET data analysis can make it difficult to compare data obtained from different labs quantitatively. We have tried to address this issue by developing a more transparent analysis workflow and easy sharing of both raw and processed smFRET data. In the end we hope to standardize smFRET data analysis across different labs allowing peers, PI's and collaborators to explore and evaluate smFRET data more easily.

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