a|e updated to 2.2

Post date: Jan 26, 2015 4:15:57 PM

The UV-Vis spectral analysis software a|e has been updated to version 2.2. This new version includes a number of bug fixes and improved compatibility with newer versions of MATLAB.

The number of developers is now doubled

I am particularly happy to have Daniel Aron Gudnason from Aarhus University, Denmark, as a co-developer on this version. Daniel is a talented PhD fellow in optical spectroscopy who will take part in developing the future versions of a|e. Daniel here tells about a new amendment he made for quickly plotting spectral trends over a range of data sets:

Plot trends in multiple data sets

With this new version of a|e a new module, called the “Extracted Value Plotter”, has been added. The modules grants the user the following functionalities:

  • The ability to plot data points extracted within the program – e.g. single value wavelength intensities or integrated intensities

  • The ability to plot these extracted values for different sets of spectra as data series in the same graph

  • User defined x-values to plot against (time, etc.)

  • Export of the figure for final editing and to be saved in formats supported for matlab figures

In future releases the following functionalities will be added to the module

  • A general purpose fit tool to fit the data

  • A way to manipulate with the extracted data series, i.e. arithmetic manipulation

  • A more integrated way of exporting figures with extra features such as transparent background

  • More features to customize the produced graphs

To activate the new feature, navigate to the menu Tools->Plot trends. Once activated, the values obtained when integrating multiple selected spectra or from extracting wavelength values using 'Tools->Data extraction', can be plotted in the trend window located at 'Tools->Plot trends->Open trend window'.

You can develop new functionalities for a|e

Note that you are free to customize the program yourself. Daniel used source files from the MATLAB version of a|e to get acquainted with the program structure before writing the new module. Drop me an email if you too are interested in sharing your developments with other users.

More new functionalities and bug fixes

Go to the download page for more information on bug fixes and new functionalities in a|e 2.2.

Have a great day!

Søren Preus, FluorTools.com