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Everything at this website is absolutely free but you can choose to make a donation at your own will (100% PayPal* secure):

Why offering this?

It's not because of the costs of maintaining the website.

It's because of my time. At this point I find myself spending huge amounts of time answering questions, providing support and updating the software.

I love it and would like to spend all my time on it!

But it's not possible for me to offer this free service in the long run - simply because I don't have any spare time left next to the job, career and family.

Therefore, in some periods, a donation is the only way for you to insist on getting some of my time.

What do you get for making a donation?





You help improving the sustainability of the site and its software.

Guaranteed and unlimited support (you might get support in any case but it's not guaranteed.)

New features of existing software. New features can usually be implemented within a week, perhaps even sooner.

New software of your choice. New software can be made in a few days to weeks depending on its complexity. Contact me for further details.



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