a|e updated to version 1.2

Post date: Sep 03, 2013 6:32:38 PM

This version is not just an update but also an upgrade. New functions are implemented in the software whenever I'm in a need of these functionalities myself, or when people ask for them. Version 1.2 has a number of new practical functionalities implemented.

New functionalities:

- Import data directly from Origin project (OriginLab Corp.). This function exploits my first contribution to the MATLAB File Exchange: importOrigin

- Support for IR spectra: Transmittance <-> Absorbance. Label peaks. Thanks to Amin from Sharif University, Iran, for inducing the idea.

- Import spectra from other a|e sessions.

- Merge sessions.

- Set axis titles permanently.

- Lock axis scales.

- Subtract minimum value from spectrum.

- Plot the original spectrum when a fitted spectrum is selected.

- The program now checks for new updates when loading the GUI.

Improvements to existing functionalities:

- Straight-line fit is more robust.

- Improved algorithm for decomposing spectra.

- Loading/saving tools remembers last saved/opened file.

- Added an integration menu tool for specifying all spectra and wavelengths.

- Added a normalization menu defining a range of spectra to normalize and their normalization wavelength.

- Trimmed the toolbar.

Bug fixes:

- Fixed bug when calculating spectral overlap integrals using spectra with <0.5 nm grid spacing. Thanks to Thangaraju from Paris, France, for reporting the bug.