Add or multiply spectrum by a constant

1. First activate the Calculator Toggle button. This will activate the 'Add / multiply spectrum' panel.

2. There are two ways to select the spectra the operation should be performed on:

2a) Selecting the spectra using data cursor selection or,

2b) If no data cursors are set a selection dialog box will be opened.

2a) Activate the data cursor and select the desired spectra using at least one data cursor point per spectrum. If desired, the data cursor value can be added to the editbox by pressing the Cursor pushbutton. If not, a value is entered manually into the editbox.

After defining the value press the desired operation button. The operation being performed is:

'Selected spectra' = 'Selected spectra' (* / + -) value

2b) If no spectra have been selected using the data cursor tool a selection dialog box will be opened upon pressing one of the operation-buttons.

The desired spectra are selected from the listbox. Multiple spectra can be selected by holding the Shift or Alt key. Press OK.