How to cite software from

Please send me a heads up if you cite the software, either by emailing me directly or by filling out this online form. I will then post your reference on the site in the future.


  • Preus, S., Kilså, K., Miannay, F. A., Albinsson, B., and Wilhelmsson, L. M., "FRETmatrix: a general methodology for the simulation and analysis of FRET in nucleic acids", Nucleic Acids Res. (2013), 41, e18

a|e 1.2: *

  • a|e - UV-Vis-IR Spectral Software 1.2, FluorTools,

DecayFit 1.3: *

  • DecayFit - Fluorescence Decay Analysis Software 1.3, FluorTools,

AniFit 1.1: *

  • AniFit - Anisotropy Decay Analysis Software 1.1, FluorTools,

*The above is adaptable for newer versions of the software.