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Absorption vs. emission window

The graph window consists of two windows layered on top of each other: The absorption and the emission window. Performing operations to either one of these windows requires that the desired window is set as the active. The active window is set using the pin button.

Linking absorption and emission axes

If the absorption and emission axes are linked absorption and emission spectra are plotted on the same wavelength-scale in the figure window. Linking is controlled using the link button.

Pan mode

Allows the active spectra to be dragged around without changing the axes step-sizes.

Zoom mode

Zoom in and out in the active spectra. If absorption and emission x-axes are linked the zoom concerns both x-axis but only the active window's y-axis.

Data cursor

Select data points of spectra located in the active window. Select multiple data points by holding down the Alt key. Note that in order to select emission spectra the emission window must be activated and vice versa.

Set axes scales

Define the absorption and emission axes scales explicitly.

Plot zero-line

Plot a line going through y = 0. Only for absorption window.


Toggle legend on/off.