Name: Søren Preus

Email: spreus @ gmail.com

I currently work as a software and web-developer in central Copenhagen. Feel free to email me if you experience broken links, however, I'm no longer able to update the software and this site is not maintained. The software and source-codes will always be available under the GNU General Public License.


I am a former researcher in the natural sciences with my main contributions being in the fields of fluorescence spectroscopy, DNA science and computational programming.

I obtained my PhD from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, (joint project) in January 2013 with a thesis of the title:

Spectroscopic Tools for Quantitative Studies of DNA Structure and Dynamics

I was as a postdoctoral researcher at Aarhus University for two years mainly focusing on software for data analysis in single-molecule microscropy.

Since 2015 I've been working exclusively on developing professional software and web services using Matlab, Java, PHP Laravel, and modern frontend frameworks (nothing near what you'll find on this site).

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