Load absorption and emission spectra

See information on accepted input data formats here.

Spectra can be imported into a|e in a number of ways:

1. Through File -> Load 'abs' / 'em' / 'abs baseline' or 'em background'.

2. The shortcuts Ctrl+A / E / B / M

3. By pressing the '...' button located below each of the data table listboxes.

In this example absorption and emission spectra are loaded simultaneously using Ctrl+A, followed by transferring the emission spectra to the emission spectra data listbox.

1. Press Ctrl+A to open the absorption spectrum import dialog box.

2. Locate the files. Select multiple spectra by holding down the Shift or Alt key. Press Open.

a|e will try to automatically import and detect the loading settings of the data files (i.e. column separator, number of headerlines, etc.). If successful, the spectra are loaded directly into the absorption spectra data listbox.

Note that all selected spectra in the listbox are automatically plotted in the graph window.

3. Because both absorption and emission spectra were loaded into the absorption listbox the spectra are plotted in the same axes in the figure window. In order to let a|e know which ones are emission spectra, select the emission spectra in the listbox and press the '->' button next to the absorption data listbox. This will move the selected spectra to the emission data listbox.

Absorption and emission spectra are now plotted in separate y-axes.

4. If the automatic data import fails, an import wizard dialog box is opened for each selected data file. In the import wizard, make sure the column separator and the number of header lines is specified correctly. If properly set, the right window displays the data. Press Next.

5. In the next window, if there are multiple data entries make sure there is one called data with class double. Press Finish.

6. The name of the spectra are now listed in the data listboxes similarly as in step 3 above.