Experience and research interests

I am interested in everything of importance to the future; from automated data analysis, descriptive statistics and scientific software to biochemical engineering, analytical chemistry and optical spectroscopy. I get excited about new fields of research on a monthly basis, however, it somehow always comes back to scientific computing.

Major research interests

    • Quantitative and automated data analysis

  • Algorithm development

  • Signal and image processing

    • Image analysis and segmentation

  • Advanced MATLAB programming

    • Optical spectroscopy and advanced time-resolved spectroscopy

  • Single-molecule microscopy

    • Biophysics and DNA nanotechnology

    • Computational chemistry

    • Physical and photophysical chemistry

I have taught courses and projects in:

    • Physical and biophysical chemistry

    • Thermodynamics and intermolecular interactions

    • Kinetics

    • Inorganic chemistry

    • Analytical chemistry; quantitative and qualitative

    • Equilibrium chemistry, solubility and acid-base chemistry

    • Electrochemistry

    • Optical spectroscopy

    • Fluorescence anisotropy & time-resolved fluorescence anisotropy

    • Introduction to Nanotechnology

    • Scientific writing