FluorFit updated to version 1.3 and is now called DecayFit

Post date: Sep 12, 2013 1:20:55 AM

In agreement with PicoQuant GmbH (Berlin, Germany), FluorFit has been renamed to DecayFit to avoid confusion with the commercially available FluoFit.

DecayFit and FluoFit are both fluorescence decay analysis software that has many of the same functionalities and the choice of FluorFit did not warrant a clear distinction between the two. DecayFit is released under the GNU General Public License and therefore does not offer any warranty or guarantee what so ever. FluoFit is a professional counterpart.

New in version 1.3

Aside from the new name, a number of improvements have been added to the software:

- The program now automatically identifies time and intensity columns in data files. There is thus no longer any need to format the input data in any particular way.

- A data import wizard can be forced if automated import failed.

- Two or more data sets can be merged/summed. This is convenient if the same sample has been measured using two or more acquisitions.

- Loading/saving sessions remembers last opened/saved file.

- Fixed bug when setting ns/channel.

- Fixed bug in delete function.

- The software now automatically checks for new updates. See my related MATLAB-tutorial on how to implement automated updating in MATLAB.