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imageA - Image Analysis Software

Explore, process and analyse images and short movies

Download version 1.0

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Fancy image made in 30 s

Image split into separate channels

Video corrected for shaking (right)

Looping 132 frames...

Microscopy movie corrected for drifting (right)

Looping 10 frames..

Denoised image (before and after)

Region-of-interest (ROI) based image processing

Gradient-based image processing

Image measurements

Image segmentation

2-D Power Spectrum (right)

Automated maze solver

Implemented image analysis and processing tools

Display and exploration
Texture analysis
Geometrical transformations
Image transformations
Image enhancement
2-D filters
Measure tools
Spatial referencing (drift/shake compensation)
Generate synthetic images
Image arithmetics
Image analysis methods
Image type conversion
Import and export
Image editing
ROI-based processing
Modules/toolboxes and add-on's

Supported image and movie file formats

Microscopy and raw formats (>120 different formats):

General image import
.bmp; .cur; .fts; .fits; .gif; .hdf; .ico; .jpf; .jpx; .jp2; .j2c; j2k; .jpg; .jpeg; .pbm; .pcx; .pgm; .png; .pnm; .ppm; .ras; .tif; .tiff; .xwd

Image export:
.tif; .png; .jpg; .bmp; .gif; .hdf; .pbm; .jp2; .pcx; .pgm; .ras

General movie import:
.avi; .mj2; .mpg; .mp4; .m4v; .mov; .tif; .tiff; .wmv; .asf; .asx (last three not for Mac platforms)

Movie export:
.avi; .tif; .tiff; .gif

Integrated into MATLAB:
Data can be exported and imported to-and-from the MATLAB workspace.
Easy implementation of custom funtions.

Supported image color types

- True-color (RGB, CMYKs will be converted to RGB)
- Intensity (grayscale)
- Indexed (colormap)
- Binary (0/1)