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AniFit - Anisotropy Decay Analysis

Time-resolved fluorescence anisotropy fit software

Download latest version (2013.10.22):

- The compiled version requires MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR) version 7.17 (R2012a, Win64-bit) installed. Note how this is different from previous AniFit versions - you can have multiple MCRs installed without conflicts. Download the MCR here.

- Note that AniFit for MATLAB does not require any MATLAB skills and is generally the most stable version.

Getting started:

Data file converters:

You can use AniFit to:

  • Analyse time-resolved fluorescence anisotropy decays by global iterative vector reconvolution of the vertical-vertical (VV) and vertical-horizontal (VH) decay components.
  • Analyse multiple anisotropy decays simultaneously by constraining one or more variables globally (global optimization).
  • Implement your own anisotropy decay models (only MATLAB version).
  • Perform parameter confidence interval estimation, either via. the Jacobian matrix or by investigating the chi-square surface.
- AniFit accepts ASCII files as input and fits can be exported back to ASCII. Plots can be modified and exported as high resolution figures. AniFit can handle multiple figure windows in one session. AniFit sessions can be saved and reopened.

Feedback on the software

- Did the software open and run properly on your machine?  Yes  No
- To continue improving the software, please take the time to report bugs and suggestions back to me.

- If you have specific needs in addition to those currently provided by AniFit contact me and I will see to implement it.

New in version 1.3 (13.10.22)

New functionalities:
- A new "Developers menu" for people interested in editing the program. I will post more information on this topic in the future.
- Plot r(t) only starting from "time zero". Thanks to Mélina Gilbert and Damir Dzebo, Chalmers University, for the suggestion.
- Plot r(t) as either dotted or full-drawn line (default is now dotted).
- Plot r(t) with/without IRF.
- Modify/change the default program settings.
- Load/save settings from file.
- Export data and fits to MATLAB workspace (only MATLAB version).
- Direct link to the Bug report from the Help menu.
- Checks for updates on start-up, or at will.

Improvements to existing functionalities:
- Faster chi-square surfaces.
- Faster plot updates.

Bug fixes:
- Several minor bug fixes and code improvements in general.
- Fixed bug when trying to fit decay times close to 0 ns.
- Fixed bug when running chi-square surfaces with scatter included.

New in version 1.2 (13.07.01):

- Displays the parameters of the sum-decay (i.e. the isotropic lifetimes) in the message board. Thanks to Mélina from Chalmers University for this suggestion.
- Improved some of the existing features such as renaming data.
- Added link to online documentation.

New in version 1.1 (13.04.29):

- Trimmed GUI for different monitors
- Improved loading and saving properties
- Fixed a few bugs
- Added a splash screen for the MATLAB version

Previous versions:

- Version 1.2 has not been compiled.

- The compiled version 1.1 requires MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR) version 8.0 (R2012b, Win64-bit) installed. Download the MCR here.

- The compiled version 1.0 requires MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR) version 8.0 (R2012b, Win32-bit) installed. Download the MCR here.