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Welcome to the announcement page

posted 21 Aug 2013, 04:55 by Søren Preus   [ updated 10 Sept 2013, 01:30 ]
A big welcome to the announcement page. Its purpose is to provide a means to stay tuned with the latest versions of the software from this site. By subscribing to the email service and/or RSS feed you will get notified when new posts are made. I sincerely hope I will find the time to post here regularly.

Stats from the first months of

I decided to make a subscribableblebl (?) announcement page because the stats of the site has increased steadily since its launch in late 2012/early 2013. Here are the first modest, but motivating, stats of the site.

Downloads of current software versions

a|e 1.1: 221 downloads since June 19th (110 downloads/month)

DecayFit 1.2: 82 downloads since June 27th (45 downloads/month)

AniFit 1.2/1.1c: 20 downloads since July 1st (12 downloads/month)

FRETmatrix 1.1: 91 downloads since Nov 14th (10 downloads/month)

Site visits

Monthly site visits (January-July):

Daily visits the past month (21/7-20/8):

Total per month: 1403 visits (1066 unique visitors)

The five most visited pages: